Black Cat Socks Ugly Christmas Sweater


Black Cat Socks Ugly Christmas Sweater
Black Cat Socks Ugly Christmas Sweater

History is full of rich examples of people wearing the most hideous clothes imaginable to show their wealth and status, but this sweater takes that idea one step further. It’s not just ugly, it glares with a level of ugliness that would make even the most seasoned designers cringe.

Wow, I’m so excited for Christmas this year because my family’s tradition is to dress alike. This year our theme is Black Cat Socks. My mom went online and ordered matching sweaters that say “Black Cat Socks” on the front of them for each member of the family! If you’re looking for a fun idea too, you should head over to and buy one yourself!

You were excited to see who you got matched with for the Secret Santa exchange. You quickly scanned the names and saw your best friend’s name. The last time you had seen her was before she moved away, so this would be an excellent opportunity to catch up on all that has gone down in your lives since then. You couldn’t wait to surprise her with a gift delivered straight from the North Pole!

Black Cat Socks Ugly Christmas Sweater

Black Cat Socks Ugly Christmas Sweater
Black Cat Socks Ugly Christmas Sweater

Santa’s sleigh was late this year so there were no packages delivered to the houses in his village. Santa has already missed Christmas Eve and he only has one more night before Christmas ends. As soon as he lands, an elf speaks up “the children are getting restless” The elves can tell that Santa is upset because of his frowning face. He looks around the dark cold ground for something that will help him out of this problem but find nothing, until he spots it – a black cat with big green eyes staring right at him from inside someone’s home!

I was browsing the book store when one of those tacky Christmas sweaters caught my eye. The sweater had a black cat with bright green eyes and an orange, yellow, and brown striped tail curled up in front of him. I looked around for the price tag but I couldn’t find it anywhere so I just assumed that they were $50 or more. With all this money to spend on boring sweaters, why not buy something worth it?

Billy was feeling pretty low. His mom had told him Santa wasn’t real, the kids at school laughed whenever he walked by, and his dad didn’t care about anything but work. Along with all this, Black Friday was coming up – when everyone else in town would be happy for one day while Billy sat alone in his living room. This year just couldn’t get any worse!

But then it did: when Billy came home from school that day, there waiting on the doorstep were two packages wrapped in black paper and topped with a little red bow. One of them said “To my son” so he knew which one to open first – inside was an ugly Christmas sweater decorated with cats wearing socks! He opened the other one


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