duke blue devils jersey


duke blue devils jersey
duke blue devils jersey

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51 recognize the best unique personnel in any case Duke and UCLA to show up?

in the 2004-05 season, who wore the #5 shirt?

52 The class of ____ had 2 NCAA players of the a year.

answer: 2001

Elton and Shane where each from the class of 2001.

53 What Duke member held the ACC calling scoring agenda with 2769 aspects, aside from North Carolina player Tyler Hansbrough broke that record inside the principal round of the 2009 NCAA occasion?

answer: J. J. Redick

J.J. Was a very decent university player, and set a NCAA posting for calling 3-pointers made with 457, hitting a faltering forty.4% taken.

54 inside the 1998-99 season, who wore the #42 shirt?

answer: Elton brand

Elton producer played 2 seasons with Duke sooner than going to the NBA. He later performed for the los angeles Clippers.

55 Who wore the number 23 on the 2005-06 Duke Basketball bunch?

answer: Sheldon Williams

Sheldon Williams became named securing player of the yr in 2006.

56 the spot did they play Georgetown at?

answer: MCI center

Georgetown played out an amazing game beating them 87-84.

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