Four Year Strong Hawaiian Shirt


Four Year Strong Hawaiian Shirt
Four Year Strong Hawaiian Shirt

As soon as I got my paycheck from work, I headed straight to the mall. It was time to buy a new Hawaiian shirt for this summer. This year there were so many choices that it took me hours before I finally picked one out and paid for it. Once outside, I realized the store had a sale going on and they were also giving away free shirts if you bought something else. Seeing this opportunity, I quickly ran back in and grabbed another shirt before leaving with both of them!

I remember the day my mom told me I was getting a shirt for four years of hard work. It was such an honor to be given such a privilege and it’s not like any other shirt I had seen before, but do you know what? The coolest thing about this shirt is that it has three different colors: red, white and blue.

What started out as a normal day at work quickly spiraled into disaster. I was given an order to deliver a four-year strong Hawaiian shirt, but when we finally found the person’s address it looked like nobody had been there in years. We were about to leave and come back tomorrow when we saw something move outside on the lawn. It was a dog! The poor thing looked so hungry and sad that my coworker and I decided to give him some food from our lunch break. When he got close enough for us to pet him, he wagged his tail really fast and jumped up with excitement – someone must have loved this guy once too!

Four Year Strong Hawaiian Shirt

Four Year Strong Hawaiian Shirt
Four Year Strong Hawaiian Shirt

The sun glints off the shirt’s brilliant colors as I walk into the store. A holiday-themed Hawaiian shirt is what I’ve been looking for, but it doesn’t seem like they have any in this store.
I’m about to turn to leave when I hear a voice call out behind me.
“Hey, you might want to check our clearance rack!”

Kendra has been wearing the same Hawaiian shirt for four years now. It was given to her by her older brother, who died in an accident when he was only six. The shirt is all that she has left of him and she refused to wear anything else because it would be like forgetting about him completely. She’s never met anyone worth abandoning his memory for, but what if someone came along?

I was in Target on the hunt for a Hawaiian shirt. I walked around for about ten minutes before finding an aisle with them, and it didn’t take me long to find one that looked perfect. It was a little too big, so I grabbed a couple of sizes smaller and went to go try them on in the fitting room. The smalls were tighter than I thought they would be but seemed to be okay so I checked myself out in the mirror – whoa!

In all honesty, when you think “Hawaiian shirt,” this is probably not what you picture. In my head, they’re usually bright colors and have flowers or palm trees embroidered into them at least one spot where someone can see from afar if

“I can’t believe I just spent $50 on this shirt,” Nate said, as he peeled the price sticker off of his brand new Hawaiian shirt. He was walking out of the store and towards his car, but he had to take one last look at himself in the mirror before leaving. “Nate!” His friend Shane called from across the parking lot. Shane walked over to him and looked at Nate’s baggy shirt with a smile on his face. “Nice purchase! You should wear that to our next show.” Nate laughed and started walking back into the store with Shane to return it right away like they always did after buying something expensive for their band.

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