If you believe the US should be controlled by the elite class and help usher in a global world order where we are but 1 of many nations and would like to see more socialistic policies implemented, then he’s good.

If you want America to be able to manufacture its own medicines and other essential needs, or if you want wages to continue rising at record rates for the bottom workers while protecting God-given rights, Then Trump is your guy.

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Here is our reality, we can eventually get to a “socialist” like paradise, free stuff for everybody, but we will need conservative values to get us there. Hear me out, please.

To get there, we will need advanced robotics and AI. There are billions of years worth of resources to harvest in our solar system and global warming is a hoax. Had to change it to climate change but the reasons I dismiss it are:

The East Anglia Research Hack showed that they hard-coded the increases and decreases in temperature they needed. They get caught changing historical data often. Their emails that were released acknowledged they were making data up. The Hot Native Love Dinosaurs climate has been substantially warmer and colder. To achieve optimal plant growth, greenhouses pump in CO2 because there isn’t enough in the atmosphere. More CO2 leads to more plant growth. The polar caps on Mars were melting when ours were and recovered as ours have indicated it may be a that big ball of fire in the sky.

How can we expect consistent weather when it never was before and we travel an irregular shape around the sun which also does not emit the same energy levels all the time. Historically recorded mini ice ages and warming periods have been omitted from the current predictive models and discounted for no valid reason. I could go on, but I think I have demonstrated justification for skepticism.

Hot Native Love Dinosaurs

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This is a carbon-based planet with carbon-based life forms. Control carbon, control all. Not too hard to discern why some may use that to gain power. Assuming we do not fall into one of the Hot Native Love Dinosaurs globalist traps and Trump is successful at taking control of the Fed, and we can maintain that control, we will accelerate economic activity to levels, not since post-WWII. That advancement will usher in technological development at the exponential scale we have grown accustomed to.

Were we to give in to the socialist/globalist desires of free health care for all and guaranteed basic income or the global warming scam before we achieve robotic autonomy, we will not see it as it would bring about, over time, an equivalence and elimination of various wealth strata. Either we stay free long enough, or we move into permanent servitude, and we are close but finally moving in the other direction. WE would have made more progress but there are trillions at stake so there is no lie they won’t tell, no abuse of power too far to take down this President and get back to business as usual and outlined for you in detail in this article.

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