Jolly To The Bone Ugly Christmas Sweater


Jolly To The Bone Ugly Christmas Sweater
Jolly To The Bone Ugly Christmas Sweater

I couldn’t believe I was in a store that specializes in ugly sweaters. It was the last day of my holiday break and I needed a sweater for when I go back to school tomorrow. My mom said she would buy it for me if we found one really good one, but there wasn’t any here! There was this one with a reindeer on it though. That sounds pretty cool, so I bought it anyways without asking her because she hates ugly sweaters anyway and just wanted me to get something new at the mall instead

Jolly To The Bone had a problem. There was a new dress code in his office, and he had to wear some ugly Christmas sweater for one day each month while he worked. He didn’t want to, but the company mandated it. His only solace was that there were plenty of other people working at his company with him who also had to wear ugly sweaters on certain days of the month. Sure enough, when Jolly went into work one day wearing an uglier-than-usual red sweater from GapKids from 1994, he found a bunch of his co-workers sitting around the table eating breakfast together in their own holiday attire…

Every year, I would buy my dad a hideous Christmas sweater for his birthday. He always loved them and told me that he was the only person who had one like it. One day after Christmas, I found all of his sweaters neatly folded on top of his dresser with no note or anything to explain what happened. All of this made me think about what could have happened to him because if he moved away without telling anyone, these were the only things left behind that gave any indication as to where he might be living now. Eventually, I learned that my father died not too long ago but before then we always exchanged ugly sweatshirts every year until he just stopped asking for them altogether.

Jolly To The Bone Ugly Christmas Sweater

Jolly To The Bone Ugly Christmas Sweater
Jolly To The Bone Ugly Christmas Sweater

“Ho Ho Ho!” Santa exclaimed, looking at the happy faces of children. He was in a festive mood but he’d been feeling cranky lately. It seems no one had put up their Christmas decorations yet and it seemed like people were getting more materialistic by the day. What would make him feel better?

“I’m telling you Chuck, I’ve had it up to here with these Christmas sweaters. Everywhere I go people are wearing them and it’s just not funny anymore,” said the man at the mall. “What do they think this is, some sort of joke?”

A few days before Christmas, I went to the store and bought a Jolly To The Bone ugly Christmas sweater. It was so hideous that I couldn’t even bear to let my mom see it, but at least I knew she would get a kick out of it.

The day after Thanksgiving, we spent the morning clearing out all the decorations from last year’s tree and putting up new ones for this year. We put up our Santa Claus ornament first- he might be gone by next week! My sister tried on her new ski gear which made me feel like going outside for a while… if only there wasn’t snow everywhere! The whole time we worked together as a family to make everything perfect again, something felt off about things being

“Mom, I can’t find my sweater for Christmas. The one with the reindeer and snowflakes all over it, you know?” said the young girl as she looked frantically through her closet. “I can’t believe this! It’s gone! It has to be here somewhere.”

She continued to search but found nothing and turned to her mom who was standing in the doorway watching with a sad expression on her face. “It looks like we’re going shopping today then, honey.”

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