Mac Miller Don’t trip baseball Jersey


Mac Miller Don’t trip baseball Jersey


Mac Miller Don't Trip baseball Jersey
Mac Miller Don’t trip baseball Jersey

The sun was in the midst of setting outside. The bright orange light shone through my window and across my room, casting a warm glow around it. I had just finished putting on some clothes when I heard someone knock on the door. Slowly heading down the stairs to see who was there, I saw that it was one of my friends from school coming over for a visit. “Hey what’s up?” he greeted me with a friendly smile

I was walking to my car from the grocery store when I bumped into a stranger. We both apologized and went on our way, but as soon as I got in my car, I heard something hit against it. When I got out, there was a baseball jersey on the ground with Mac Miller’s name and number on it.

The sound of the ball against the bat was loud and clear. The crack of it echoed through the outfield. I heard my name called and stepped up to home plate, ready for battle and glory, or at least a good game. The pitcher threw me a curveball that bounced off the inside corner without so much as grazing my bat. I knew he had pitched this one with purpose-to to try to get me out on his first pitch! But he didn’t know about my secret weapon: My mother’s old broomstick from when she played softball in high school convinced him otherwise!

Mac Miller Don’t trip baseball Jersey


Mac Miller Don't Trip baseball Jersey
Mac Miller Don’t trip baseball Jersey

The boy was walking down the street on a nice day, when he noticed a kid wearing a Mac Miller jersey. It wasn’t like any of his friends or teammates wore it before, but he didn’t care because he liked the artist and wanted to support him by buying some merch. The more he thought about it though, the more confused he became. He started to get really anxious and felt like everyone had been looking at him funny all day long which made him even more nervous than before; what if they knew who I am? He couldn’t believe that people had known how much of an asshole I had been in high school! Maybe this is my punishment for being so mean back then…but why would God want

I was waiting in my car for someone when I saw the ball flying out of nowhere. A kid ran over and picked it up, he stared at me with a perplexed look on his face like he didn’t know what to do next. It’s not every day that you run into somebody who wants to buy your baseball jersey; they usually want to sell theirs. “You wanna buy my Mac Miller Don’t Trip Baseball Jersey? I wasn’t planning on selling it but if you give me $200 bucks, I will.” With disdain in my voice, I said “Nah man” and pulled off back onto the street.

In a world where people can travel through time, there was a man who came from the future to watch the baseball game. He brought his son with him and they sat in the bleachers together. The dad saw something interesting on tv and pointed it out to his son, but soon realized that he had been watching too much television because he didn’t know what was going on anymore.

The day started off like any other for me, I woke up to my alarm clock beeping loudly. Not wanting to get out of bed, I rolled over with closed eyes and head under the pillow. As the noise continued on, it began to annoy me more and more until finally I was angry enough to give in and turn it off. Once that was taken care of, I looked at my clock reading 8:00am; then quickly realized that by now everyone would already be waiting for me downstairs ready to play some baseball.

I mustered all the energy left in my body as if this were my last chance when there are plenty more days after today where we could play ball again; but before getting dressed or even brushing

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