MLB Cincinnati Reds Baseball Jacket


MLB Cincinnati Reds Baseball Jacket
MLB Cincinnati Reds Baseball Jacket

“I can’t believe I’m a Cincinnati Reds fan.”
The fans of this team have been through so much. They’ve been to the World Series four times and won it twice consecutively, but just as they’re getting back on their feet after that devastating loss in 1990, another one follows. In 1970, the Big Red Machine falls from grace with five straight losses to the Pittsburgh Pirates. The failure is even more crushing considering they were playing at home for three out of those games. But these tough-as-nails fans never give up hope and always come together to support their team no matter what happens during a game or season.
So when I found myself putting a Cincinnati Reds baseball jacket over my head because it was

“You know what I’ve always wanted? A Cincinnati Reds baseball jacket,” the boy said, his words barely getting out.

A tear streamed down his cheek as he continued to talk about everything he loved about the team. He was so passionate about it that nobody in the store could help but listen to him tell stories of past games and how much he missed them coming home from college for Christmas break.
He noticed my curiosity, “I used to play for their travel league.”

“You’re telling me that I can buy this Reds jacket for my husband, who’s a die-hard fan?” Carla asked the store clerk. “Hell yeah.” He replied. The back window of the car was rolled down and Carla could hear her son in the back seat screaming out encouragement to his dad on TV. She thought about how much he would love it if he saw her walk up with it.

MLB Cincinnati Reds Baseball Jacket

MLB Cincinnati Reds Baseball Jacket
MLB Cincinnati Reds Baseball Jacket

The very first step of a baseball game that I was going to be playing in, but then I realized that I did not have my new Cincinnati Reds MLB Jacket! It is so important for me to represent my team and my city when they are on the road. So, I ran back home as fast as possible and got it.
I made it just in time for my big game with all the energy left in me.

“I’m so excited for this jacket!” the little girl exclaimed as she walked through Target, holding her daddy’s hand. “It will be perfect to wear at school and on weekends with friends! I’ll look so cool!” She giggled then pointed up at a shelf, “Daddy can we get that blue one too?”

The man smiled down at his daughter and shook his head, “No sweetie, those are for big kids.”

I grew up watching the Cincinnati Reds play, so when I saw their new MLB baseball jacket in stores, I had to buy it. As soon as my mom got me home from school, she let me try them on. It was a beautiful day outside and we were looking for something fun to do–I suggested that we go out and watch some of the games with other fans at Great American Ballpark.

When we got there, all of our friends were there too! We tailgated together before the game started and then sat down right behind first base just like how my dad used to sit with us. Even though he is now living across country from us, he still watches most of the games on TV with his friends who

Johnny was a high school junior and was on the baseball team. When he went to get his jacket for this season, there were no more in stock that matched his uniform colors. Johnny found one of their last red jackets and put it on while trying not to worry too much about what the other kids would think if they saw him wearing an opposing team’s colors.

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