Super Mario Bros Hawaiian Shirt


Super Mario Bros Hawaiian Shirt


Super Mario Bros Hawaiian Shirt
Super Mario Bros Hawaiian Shirt

Mario and Luigi were sitting in a hammock one day when they found a Hawaiian shirt in their mailbox. They each started to wear it, until Mario was about to go on a date with Princess Peach when he saw his brother wearing the same thing. He got so mad that he threw it away without even noticing who left it for them in the first place. The next day both of them find another Hawaiian shirt from someone else totaling up to 3 shirts, but they’re too lazy to put any effort into finding out who is giving this gift.

It was a beautiful day in the Mushroom Kingdom. The sun was shining, the birds were singing and Mario had just saved Princess Peach from imprisonment by Bowser. He didn’t have to go home yet though because he still needed to buy his sister some sunscreen before she could come outside with him. And on top of all that, they needed to make sure nobody found out about her new Hawaiian shirt!

Mario, Luigi, and Yoshi were sitting around doing nothing. Well, except for Mario who was working on his computer with the big screen in front of him. “Oh my gosh,” he said when he finished typing. “I ordered this shirt that has a pineapple design.” He showed it to his brother and they both laughed because it seemed funny to them. Then the doorbell rang and they saw their friend Toad at the door wearing a Hawaiian shirt himself!

Super Mario Bros Hawaiian Shirt

Super Mario Bros Hawaiian Shirt
Super Mario Bros Hawaiian Shirt

I walked into a store and saw a shirt with an image of Mario on it. I read the tag and it said “Super Mario Bros Hawaiian Shirt.” I thought, “Hawaii is in the Pacific Ocean not the Atlantic,” but then again if he’s from Japan maybe he would say that. The shirt was blue with red lava patterns all over it. But when I touched the fabric, my fingers felt hot! It must have been made of lava rock to be so hot even though we’re in wintertime here!

Mario and Luigi had been playing their video games for hours. They were getting board, so they decided to go out in the town for a little bit of fresh air. As they were walking down the street looking around, Mario spotted a store that sold Hawaiian shirts! He was instantly drawn to it because he loves anything with palm trees on them. “Hey Luigi,” he said as he pulled him over towards the shop.”What do you think about this shirt?” It was a bright yellow color with green palms on it and big red flowers all over it. “It’s beautiful!” replied Luigi, even though butterflies had invaded his stomach when Mario asked if he liked it. Still, just like always, Luigi helped Mario pick out an awesome new

Mario’s alarm clock went off at 6:00 AM. He groaned and shook the drool from his mouth before he got out of bed to go to work. Mario was a plumber, but today wasn’t like any other day because Mario was also going on an adventure! Why? Well, today is the first day of summer vacation for school kids so there are many pipes that need to be fixed all around town. Since it’s summertime, Mario decided to wear his Hawaiian shirt with straw sandals because it made him feel tropical and happy.

He hopped into his red pickup truck that had “MARIO” written across the side, opened up the door and started driving down the street towards downtown where lots of houses

“Mario? Did you just say Mario?” Luigi shouts. “I thought it was Mario! I couldn’t understand why all the other characters are named after Italian food!”

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