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Sandra LangeNow that President Biden has stopped work on the U.S./Mexico border wall, I hope that he will dedicate lots of money and energy to our own people who have been consistently left behind and not nurtured enough to get a good education and good employment… See More3 . Gary TisdaleRemember the 1 million from camp Lejeune who gave their lives and never knew so now that toxic poison water is at 700 bases and growing they are poisoning the veterans of this country as we speak for 75 years they’ve lied denied and covered up the toxi… See More2 . Robert FetikRestore the Eisenhower Era Tax Rates! Corporations are not people! 10 . Anna Tsekenis-ShehasSo grateful for ARP and for you Bernie Sanders. Next up…raising the minimum wage, passing U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren’s wealth tax and instituting Medicare for All.11 . Laurus Leigh Nobiliscorrection, DNC sockpuppets have said repeatedly  . Drew JoynerAnd remember two things people: not one sorry-assed Republican voted for it; and, without Bernie, it never would’ve gotten through. Facts.14  Black Girl With Yoga Poster

Black Girl With Yoga Poster

Sharon Reynolds NearyHelping working families is not the problem. But, taking from the working class to give to the lazy is!!!!4 . Chuck HuberSo it would have been nice to get a stimulus that would have been divided equally among those with social security numbers. We’d all be millionaires! . Matt EvansBernie…do you support the open borders by Biden? He is allowing covid into our country…he is putting kids in cages. . James RichardsonThere’s a climate crisis, a Covid crisis, a government crisis, an economic crisis, an immigration crisis, a debt crisis, an equality crisis, a race crisis and numerous international crises. Your one stimulus check may solve them all! 4 . Patricia KellyBernie you cannot do that unless you take care of seniors too – you realise how little we are living on? . Tyler EberleWhy was Trump able to pass 600 additional unemployment but you clucks can only get 300. 1  Black Girl With Yoga Poster

Black Girl With Yoga Poster

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