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Theory of the Five Elements is a scholarly point of view initiated by the Onmyou Agency of Buffalo Dien (324 – 250 BC) from the Qi State during the Warring States period. This theory used metal, wood, water, fire, earth as 5 elements to rotate the cycle, used to explain the prosperity of each dynasty. In historical films, the eunuch often read saints saying “Phung Thien Thua van, the emperor wrote and wrote”. The word “admit” is just destiny in the five elements. Unlike the Qin dynasty who preferred the color black, modern scholars found that in the Han dynasty (202 BC – 220), they preferred “fire virtue”. Therefore, people sometimes call the Han Dynasty the Han Dynasty, in which the word “inflammation” is hot. Red also prevailed in the Han Dynasty. Black panther wakanda forever poster. Unlike other vassal states, the logistics of Qin were provided by the court. The Qin national flags are uniform in black. The Qin Dynasty often used the black cultural flag, representing “virtue” in the five elements as black. In addition, the black pennant is more mysterious and unpredictable. After unifying China, King Qin Shihuang chose black as the national color of the Qin Dynasty.

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