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Where’s International men day then? Y’all have mother’s days, valentines and y’all have “international women’s day” ain’t nothin special about y’all nor men, we been on earth for thousands of years and now it got two the point where both genders can’t … See more. we feel pride for our mother’s care since the first of birth the have brought us to the world ad we are at present .….God should guide them. Thank you for always inspiring me and making the best version of me today! I love you JLo! Yes, we are LIMITLESS!!!. • Jennifer : you are magnificent ,one of those who followed ,you recently on fasebook ,I wish you success always strenyth ,and that you dont look back , to the front above the clouds ,I hope we will be friends , be happy… I know you probably have not the chance to read my post here in your time line It will be amazing if one day you can train with me in boxing for fitness. Just for fun. Its a workout that i know you really love it…. Only for mostra women Cow farm be awesome everyday poster

Cow farm be awesome everyday poster

Emma Morgan Cow farm be awesome everyday poster Of course men like JLo’ posts but she’s reuses her past photos . I think she is a very beautiful lady but I think she’s always trying to show too much just to call people’s attention. Hard to believe she’s 51. Gorgeous!!. So many bitter jealous women Commenting on here.She’s got an Amazing healthy fit body.Maybe if you all start working out,you can all look as . JLo you look amazing. Don’t pay some of these haters any mind. They envy your looks and your talents God Bless you.. Wow you are always beautiful inside and out! What a role model. Loved you since In Living Color!!. Hottest woman over 50 . EVER!!!. Still looking great have fun stay safe . We love your music here in Uganda, we play it at the funeral. I understand she may be proud of her body, but a little bit to much. This is why there is more porn and perverts now days than in later years.

Cow farm be awesome everyday poster

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