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1964: CDC 6600 was designed by computer architect Seymour Cray, it was once the fastest movement in the world. The product remained “speed champion” until 1969 when Cray designed his next supercomputer. 1965: DEC PDP-8 is made by Digital Equipment Company (DEC) and is the first mini computer successfully commercialized. When it hit the market, the DEC PDP-8 sold more than 50,000 units. They can do all the work of a mainframe but cost only about $ 16,000 while IBM’s System / 360 goes up to hundreds of thousands of dollars. 1969: A team of developers at Bell Labs manufacture UNIX, an operating system that solves compatibility problems. Cow hello sweet cheeks poster. Written in C programming language, UNIX is portable across multiple platforms and becomes the operating system of choice in many large companies and government organizations. Due to the slow nature of the system, UNIX never appeals to home PC users. 1969 also marked the introduction of the Interface Message Processor (IBP) that featured the first generation of gateways and today known as routers. As such, IMP performs important tasks in the development of the world’s first packet-switched network (ARPANET) and is the predecessor of today’s global Internet.

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