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Very good and brilliant quite educative women should be empowered . Women have been oppressed for so long !!! It sad , these are the being that gave birth to the rest of the population… think again who we are ?! Oppress me not !!! Abuse me not !!! Belittle me not !!! without me there would have been no you ! Love al… See more. We have everything tha men can’t never dow so happy women month amen. For women amen. All I can say is that thru the years I’ve seen woman take situations that no man could withstand and come out on top. Primary example is my mom. I will always respect and support woman equal rights. . Women are not equal to men.. a woman can create a human being and give life. They are god’s given gift to this world.. But yet you support a President that is trying to pass the Equality Act that will destroy womens sports Cute apron for penguin lover Laundry Baskets

Cute apron for penguin lover Laundry Baskets

There’s nothing you can’t do! Love the shoes! Cute apron for penguin lover Laundry Baskets Pause GIF Tenor. POWER of LOVE Beauty inside and out holy glow you that girl everybody Loves you me too thankyou for Representing us Latinas how we Fight with elegance and Beauty for the Power of LOVE we LOVE JESUS GOD Heart Beauty. Age does not purseive you..as u look as radiant as the day I first laid eyes on you..in living color…I never forgot my god… You look stunning!!.. Love them shoes and your dress. Ive always been a fan. Keep up the good work. How do you stay in shape?. Mostly samosa wala weekend singer,sweet sweet hands, some times sleeping in garden and in village field tree shade, I may have bcom drunk bloke, I’m missing water jugs everywhere, mountain hills dullness.. So adorable Lopez your styles and your passion into the music world you’re relentless. Beautiful as per usual, Jennifer. But, it’s definitely not sandal season where I’m at.

Cute apron for penguin lover Laundry Baskets

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