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Perfection, that’s the right word to describe you . If you work hard to look that way you want to show it off. Plus she’s 50 she’s earned the right to flaunt it.. I love her. I think she’s gorgeous! But, is this necessary?. This is an old pic of her, NOT A RECENT ONE. She takes care of her body n is very discipline but try posting up a recent one next time, JLo. Have some dignity love . As this Age,the businesses is ending already. I Think you should focus on your children. Show some respect to your children madam.. I was watching Country top 20 Countdown this morning with Scotty McCreery its main guest and he said that the Beautiful Jennifer Lopez was a down to earth sweetheart when he met her and won American Idol. I thought that was to Cool.. I am a woman and come from Puerto Rico I don’t behave like that. Golf weapons of grass destruction face mask

Golf weapons of grass destruction face mask

And don’t forget it Alex! Don’t get caught up with the Media or anywhere near people that can start rumors to ruin that beautiful thing you have with Jennifer! There are a lot of jealous people out there that will try to sabotage you! They are Evil! St… See more. Beautiful flowers. I’d love to know what something like that costs.. Assuming Alex bought those, I wonder if he sent Madison Lecroy flowers too.. We are waiting for you at the feast of San Nicola, in Bari you already know, don’t make it repeat . You are so lucky to have a man like that have a Valentine’s Day those are so beautiful. Congrats on the Anniversary but why show off what looks to be $1000 bouquet of flowers that will not survive a week and 50,000 people just lost their jobs. I love you but Hollywood needs a reality check on how the real world is living. Golf weapons of grass destruction face mask

Golf weapons of grass destruction face mask

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