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Listen we men love women that being said God made man first then took a rib women stop complaining. Note JLO, in the main these amazing women do not flaunt themselves or their bodies to achieve empowerment!. Not getting there with DEMOCRATS AND THEIR TRANGENDER PUSH. ONLY 2 BY GOD AND MOTHER NATURE IN ALL LIVING CREATURES , MALE OR FEMALE, ….PERIOD !!!. My co-worker told me about a movie that she started watching on Amazon Prime called The Gloria’s. It’s about Gloria Steinem.. It’s like the word empower makes me more mad than power!! Empower started master in which still goes along with vocabulary!!. Well so far I have not once in my lifetime seen women supporting women, I have seen the opposite, women will destroy other women to get to the top. You are on your own, forget about other women supporting and empowering you.. Women, your all a lot of fun, let’s just live together and keep that way! OK? Husky Mom Nutrition Fact Mug

Husky Mom Nutrition Fact Mug

Awesome. Fabulous. I would like to try the skin care products . I was ready to order this from Sephora, but why does it have so many bad reviews? I still want to try it but I wish they had more kinds sample offers. Hmm. Looks good I’ll try some to stay safe beautiful . I do love the texture of the Wonder cream. I do feel like my skin is much softer. I love the cleanser too. I can’t wait to try one of the masks.. I got my order and im using them, but they are greasy a bit which I’m not a fan of, it keeps my skin oily . Hey I was sent a message that I won some money I went to the site and it asked for my card number and I gave it to them they said it was not gonna take money it was to register so they tried taking money and my card notified me and it was blocked so wh… See more Husky Mom Nutrition Fact Mug

Husky Mom Nutrition Fact Mug

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