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I love the birthday breakfast in bed option for kids. So heart warming.. Thank you for sharing your very personal moment.. That makes you a very REAL person Jennifer. All the status means nothing when watching a mom celebrating the birth of her children. Very touching. #NYgirl. Happy birthday to the new “teens” my baby turns 13 in July…yikes….they come and rearange our lives with LOVE…..well said J Lo….xoxo. Happy Birthday Twins! 13 is definitely a milestone Jennifer Lopez ! My own twins will be 13 the 1st of May! So I definitely understand the emotions!. Happy birthday to this lovely Twins and Jennifer you are an amazing caring mom sorry to see you crying an excellent mom. Happy Birthday to your beautiful children!! Cannot believe they are 13 already!!. Emme and Max, congratulations. Happy birthday to your children They are blessed that they have a mom that has provided for them and been there for them thru all of her hard work Kangaroo Surfing Tropical Summer Hawaiian Shirt

Kangaroo Surfing Tropical Summer Hawaiian Shirt

Beautiful! But what happen to your hoop earring? It has a dent in it. Beautiful natural glow, you need to talk to ARod he was extra crispy under the sun, probably needs some aloe…. Como esta amiga , You are fearfully, unique and wonderfully made..Nydia Kangaroo Surfing Tropical Summer Hawaiian Shirt Play GIF. My, my you’re such a pretty young lady! How you keep looking younger?. look people this lady only get better with age I mean better in every way you can think of , even you nasty minded . she blows my mind to be such a wonderful person in every thing she does. I could have chosen anyone to be a fan. But it was you, with that enormous strength and that sincere smile, that I chose!. “El Cantante” watched last night.JLo/ Puchi pretty awesome.. Jennifer Am you are fan from congo DRC kinshasa, I like you are music too much, can you give me the name of your are news song. please

Kangaroo Surfing Tropical Summer Hawaiian Shirt

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