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If you consider the human body to be a candle, then the body fat is candle wax, the fuel for burning. Hair or clothing is the wick. If for some reason clothes or hair catch fire, fire will burn the human skin first. Fat under the skin will soak into clothes and continue to be fuel for burning. Labrador nice butt poster. This theory may explain why only the body burns, the area around the body and limbs burn less. However, it cannot explain why this phenomenon only takes place indoors. No self-ignition has taken place in the streets, near sources of ignition. This phenomenon only occurs in humans, there are no reports of animals spontaneously igniting. In addition, this theory cannot explain why victims remain motionless during the duration of the fire, nor why the surrounding furniture is often left intact. Furthermore, to be able to burn the victim to ash, it takes a very high temperature, about 1,648 degrees Celsius. The temperature in the crematorium is only about 982 degrees Celsius.

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