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After the death of Shihuang, the Qin dynasty quickly came to an end and was overthrown by Luu Bang – Xiang Yu. Later, Xiang Yu was defeated in the hands of Liu Bang, Han dynasty inherited Jiangshan, replaced the Qin dynasty to rule the world. There is an anecdote that Liu Bang firmly believed that because Thuy Hoang chose black as a dragonfly, so the Qin dynasty died so quickly. Thinking that black was the color that brought bad luck and mourning, from the Han dynasty onwards, the emperors gradually used this color less to make dragon flakes. Another explanation based on the Ngu Duc doctrine, it affirms that the Qin dynasty corresponded to Thuy Duc and the Han dynasty belonged to Hoa Duc. Mickey mouse nice butt poster. The color representing fire is red, so the Han emperors used red as the main color of dragon cells to follow the yin and yang five elements, while black only used “as the background”. There is also an opinion that Tan Thuy Hoang inherently has a great reputation. The later kings knew that they could hardly achieve such achievements as the “oldest god”, so gradually changed the dragon ball into other colors to pay homage.

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