Personalized baby let's go camping Poster


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Feel the Bern! Bernie has our back.. Thank you Bernie! Thank you Georgia!. I dont want California and new york to run out of money. Like placing a bandaid on a hemorrhaging wound. Just another political stunt by the dems to make themselves seem like heroes compared to the GOP, who are also a useless group of criminals.. This is wonderful. Now we need a minimum wage increase to $15 and healthcare for all. Needs to be done while everything is blue, or they will never happen.. Can you explain what they will be learning and the illegal immigrants to. Thank you. It is 50 years of ponzi scheme and is out there for all to see! You and your cohorts need to be in jail for what you have done to America!. Thanks to Senator Bernie Sanders for this post, it makes a better understanding of the action President Biden has taken to help the working class. Personalized baby let’s go camping Poster

Personalized baby let’s go camping Poster

Personalized baby let's go camping Poster 1

get the $15 min wage now.. Just think BERNIE with this $1.9 trillion you could have given each one of these hard workers $10,000 if you had not had to bail out the corrupt States (NY, CA, ILL) That stold and spent the teachers Retirement Accounts to tune of a $1 trillion. They… See More. if we tax the rich pre Reagan time 80% we can have a stimulos pay of $3k for 6 month and we can forgive student loan 100% ,and we can fund the Medicare for all, we willl have a surplus. We can pay all our bills to China.. Schools can’t open safely until the pandemic is either under control or quarantined. To open the economy/schools before hand will only spread covid and cause lead to further mutation of the virus into potentially more deadly variants or variants that c… See More. TAX TH RICH, kill Reagan tax cut for the rich. Reagan reduce the tax for the rich from 80% to 25% the reason we have a deficit of $35 Trillion. Personalized baby let’s go camping Poster

Personalized baby let’s go camping Poster

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