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I’m ready for change. If I could vote now I would. All of this stress from incompetent president has gone way to far. Recovery from COVID 19 was scary and hard, but letting all Americans suffer and die is wick and evil of trump. I’m Voting for Biden/Harris. Pug dog nice butt poster. We need the united states taking back it’s in the global stage to spread its values of freedom and democracy or else we are left with China which is scary. Remove that clown from office or else the values we hold dear and equal opportunities will be realized waay later. Biden capable? He hasn’t done anything positive his whole career and now he’s got dementia. Good luck with the pardon you’re going to need soon from Trump when he gets his second term. Decent and empathetic? The guy who wanted to meet up behind the bleachers? The guy who defeated the school bully singlehandedly? The guy who called one of his own supporters a dog faced pony liar? The same guy who yelled at an American for asking a question telling him he does not work for him? That is this party’s idea of decency.

Pitbull nice butt poster 2

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