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Hello Mrs Clinton when you that is a super power iron lady couldn’t defeat President Trump then how do you think that sleeping JOE will defeat President Trump, it will never be possible that JOE defeat president Trump. Madam have you ever seen before where a cripple man is jumping the fence ? Never ma’am, it’s not possible, not even in this life, I can bet my Life for this election. There are two issues that are so important that Donald Trump simply cannot be re-elected. Pug dog nice butt poster. The first is Trumps tax cut that cut business tax rates from 35% to 20% must be repealed. The cut pushed the yearly deficit to over a trillion dollars a year. How long can the US economy absorb this before it collapses? The second is global warming. Measures must be taken now before the warming reaches a point of no return and no human action can stop the world from warming up 5 F. This point is close enough that if Trump gets another term we will get there. Trump will be dead so he cares little but the warming combined with economic collapse means catastrophe for the world.

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