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Rosalind CiriloLooking good. I just purchased the trial package from Sephora it has the serum, cream, cleanser and bronzer. I love how the serum makes your skin feel tighter & the cream nice & thick ! My skin feels very moisturized. The bronzer I am still figuring ho… See more7 . Joe SantiagoWhen can have your perfume “Glowing” again. 9 . Nancy Montalvo-RamosI brought your products I will be using them 23 . M Ale BarceloAmazing it’s hard to find people now days who actually look good without makeup naturally Also who can keep up with a skin care routine ! Jlo I am your fan please never change 19 . Terri SmithJenn, you look amazing with no makeup. Have great day10 . Jenny HamlinIt’s crazy, I know you’re not 20 or anything, but oh my goodness, you look SUPER young, it’s crazy, and not in a bad way at all, it’s just amazing how young you look though8  Skull bad moms club legging and hoodie set

Skull bad moms club legging and hoodie set

Happy birthday to your little “coconuts” what a beautiful family you got a digan. My favorite person in the world and our kids share the same birthdays 2/22/08. Happy Birthday to Emme and Max and my baby Mason!!!. Yes happy birthday my coconuts Skull bad moms club legging and hoodie set also, I send you all my love , God bless you both, have fun well I’m sure you guys had a wonderful time. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you from Holland OH Play GIF. Happy Birthday to your teenagers they must be proud of the Mom that you are and both should be very Bless for being your Daughter and Son Jlo I feel amazing grateful of you for become a great inspiration of women liked yourself Congratulatulation God B… See more. Happy Birthday! You have beautiful children and your daughter looks just like you.. Happy Brthday to your Beautiful Children mamma J LO FROM VOLOS GREECE Pause GIF

Skull bad moms club legging and hoodie set

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