To my daughter from mom unicorn poster


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Joster ImbuchiWow great supporter of fair wages to the lowest paid workers. I admire your push resilience and vision for a more equitable society.9 . Roman DozalWalmart could have the best customer service in the nation by investing in their people and paying easily north of $20 an hour, provide the best health and retirement benefits, and fund higher-education programs…..and STILL be one of the most profita… See More4 . Matthew HilliardIn the minute thus video played, Jeff Bezos became ineligible for the stimulus as he made $150,000, three times the average workers yearly salary and five times a 15/hour worker makes a year.8 . Kipp AndrepontHe could literally give every cent of profit from here til the end of his life to his workers and wouldn’t even notice it9 . Lila BermanThank you, Bernie, for once again speaking truth to power. If only all the Democrats were as informed and honest as you we’d already have $15/HR minimum wages across America.1  To my daughter from mom unicorn poster

To my daughter from mom unicorn poster

Dianne GiordanoBezos has treated Amazon’s employees with no respect. If they were treated well they wouldn’t be calling for unionization When a company abuses employees they need Union Protection. 7 . Pene LaneBoycott Amazon… that will get his attention. It’s the basic capitalist business model. The only thing that will help is policies to rein in that model.5 . Corey MoranShipping our jobs overseas and letting anyone just walk over our border and go to work is the main reason wages haven’t been going up…. Supply and demand.8 . Martyn WatsonFrom a moral perspective Bezos actions are absolutely deplorable 2 . Collin FogelWith that money…I’m shocked he doesn’t open plants in the US…and just lose a billion to paying people and benefits. Dude is def a certain type of “greedy”. Would be nice to see an interview with Jeff explaining why he does what he does…thinks the… See More1  To my daughter from mom unicorn poster

To my daughter from mom unicorn poster

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