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Nowadays, the fungus that causes the above natural phenomenon has been clarified. The mycelium grows and spreads in a moist, nutritious soil environment. Under good conditions, the spores will develop into fungi (the most well-known fungus is Scotch bonnet, or elf-circle fungus, or Clitocybe nebularis). Turtle nice butt poster. The fungus emerges from the ground, forming a visible circle. The mycelium underground underneath the grass spreads from the center to the four sides, taking organic matter for food and rotting as it spreads out. Dead mycelium creates a thick, waterproof carpet, making the roots of plants unable to absorb water and nutrients. Eventually, the land inside the fairy circle will become barren, the grass gradually fades. However, at the outer edge of the circle, the grass is still lush because the mycelium dies, decomposes to form fertilizer. This cycle can go on for many centuries. The fairy circle expands, contracts, and moves from place to place. It makes many people excited but also makes many people afraid by its mysterious look.

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