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Very good and brilliant quite educative women should be empowered . Women have been oppressed for so long !!! It sad , these are the being that gave birth to the rest of the population… think again who we are ?! Oppress me not !!! Abuse me not !!! Belittle me not !!! without me there would have been no you ! Love al… See more. We have everything tha men can’t never dow so happy women month amen. For women amen. All I can say is that thru the years I’ve seen woman take situations that no man could withstand and come out on top. Primary example is my mom. I will always respect and support woman equal rights. . Women are not equal to men.. a woman can create a human being and give life. They are god’s given gift to this world.. But yet you support a President that is trying to pass the Equality Act that will destroy womens sports Yoga Poses Unisex Hawaiian Shirt

Yoga Poses Unisex Hawaiian Shirt

Excellent to watch, we are strong, working for the NHS with a 85% being women, through this pandemic I have found a real team spirit amongst my female colleagues!! Well done ladies!. BEAUTIFULL! Yoga Poses Unisex Hawaiian Shirt MEDIA1.TENOR.CO media1.tenor.co. Thanks Jen for sharing this with us. More power to us as I would say in my younger years. There is a strong nation of women out there that are exceptional, inspiring, intelligent, educated, with a willing to fight for ourselves and not be threaten… See more. There’s no such thing as man and woman it’s empowered person. You should know that. If you don’t believe me just ask mr. potato head.. It started in the Harper days, they started by making a holiday every month. Then you get days and months dedicated to things. Is it a good thing? I don’t know. The Harper days were kind of a different world. Just notice these days have no traditions o… See more

Yoga Poses Unisex Hawaiian Shirt

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