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From  story above. If this shirt is relating to your life, please feel happy to order this shirt : 

 I’ll Bring The Alcohol Shirt and Hoodie

During his period as Dauphin, Louis, son of Charles VII, I’ll Bring The Alcohol Shirt and Hoodie defied his father by remaining in the province longer than the king permitted and by engaging in personal politics more beneficial to the Dauphiné than to France. For example, he married Charlotte of Savoy against his father’s wishes. Savoy was a traditional ally of the Dauphiné, and Louis wished to reaffirm that alliance to stamp out rebels and robbers in the province. Louis was driven out of the Dauphiné by Charles VII’s soldiers in 1456, leaving the region to fall back into disorder. After his succession as Louis XI of France in 1461, Louis united the Dauphiné with France, bringing it under royal control.Other children’s editions, in both prose and verse, were published in the 20th century and meat extract products, postcards with the picture on one side and the poem on the other, and illustrated chinaware. There have also been television series based on the fables. In Canada there was the 1958 Fables of La Fontaine series and in France Les Fables géométriques between 1989–91.

Ill Bring The Alcohol Shirt and Hoodie 2
Ill Bring The Alcohol Shirt and Hoodie 2

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