Reel girls fish cap 3


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Reel girls fish cap

After stealing every Reel girls fish cap Christmas present and decoration, the Grinch and Max head back to Mount Crumpit to dispose of them. The Whos wake up and are shocked to see that the presents and decorations are gone. Cindy believes that she’s to blame because of her trap, but Donna tells her that Christmas is not centered on presents and that Cindy’s the best thing that ever happened to her. The Whos join together to sing, rendering the Grinch puzzled to see that they are celebrating Christmas despite his thefts. Seeing Cindy and remembering her advice, the Grinch immerses himself in their singing, causing his small heart to triple in size. Afterward, the sleigh falls off Mount Crumpit, and the Grinch attempts to save it. He succeeds at this when Fred and his family come to his aid. After securing the sleigh, the Grinch and Max slide down back to Whoville in order to return the stolen items, and the Grinch admits his crimes and apologizes to the Whos before returning to his cave, ashamed of what he has done.

Reel girls fish cap 3
Reel girls fish cap 3

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