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It was an amazing performance.. You were amazing. Thank you.. Great job holding back those tears! Beautiful performance!!. How far you’ve come from being a fly girl!!!! You are an inspiration!!! Go SIS!!!!. Meanwhile the rest of us peasants are told to wear masks…don’t congregate. Loved the song! Just wished you would’ve worn a mask, removed for singing then place it back on while strolling with the soldier to your seat. We lead by example.. You rock it! Boricua in the house! . Phenomenal performance!! Thank you for being the one to perform at our nations capital. We as a country, needed to hear and feel that song. To remind us where we are and where we need to go. Thank you for sharing this! Thank you for sharing your beauti… See more. Today was a big day! Thank you jlo!. Great performance / you made this latina that grew up in the projects in Brooklyn proud! A lot of people are only alive mug

A lot of people are only alive mug

You just have to have a positive mental attitude they focus on those things that you love to do and be a part of the World As You Are except what you see and deal with it with isolation and meditation you will not lose a thing would you gain a million. U where awesome at capital too bad u didn’t get much praise as others u made me cry wonderful performance. Truly I wish I can totally get in your life JLo with you not knowing me it will be a blessing honor and surprisingly enjoyment to get in someone’s life I love it. I love all of your music and movies too they are fantastic jennifer Lopez from shawn Overton. Thank you very much I really appreciate it thanks.. I love that -empower inspire and entertain!! What an amazing mission statement. Like I say god has angels on earth and they are given the chance to touch lives and you ms Lopez are one of those angels you have touched lives with your acting and more so with your music A lot of people are only alive mug

A lot of people are only alive mug

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