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Wow…he looks so much like his father and she looks like you…beautiful…welcome to the teen years and happy blessed birthday.. Happy birthday to your coconuts, my coconut was 13 on 1/31.. Beautiful babies . I remember when you show the world them two little beautiful babies .. they’ve grown so much . Both look alike you and the father in mix . Happy birthday to you two kiddo.. Happy birthday Max and EMME all the best always. Have a wonderful birthday . Happy birthday . Jlo, Happy Birthday to your beautiful childrens they are same age is my little Granddaughter Jiana .. Happy Birthday Max and Emme God Blessed them with a loving caring mother and God Blessed you Jennifer with 2 beautiful healthy babies not babies anymore enjoy the time with them because they grow up so fast and you can’t ever go back. Happy 13th birthday twins! They are getting so big. Glad they have each other and the best family ever to be around. Amazing Biking Hawaiian Shirt

Amazing Biking Hawaiian Shirt

HB to your treasures. The Time is running, we can not imagine how fast, until we are watching our children growing. The best also to you Mum . Awe, so beautiful!! That you share something so personal! Absolutely hermoso! I love the way your doodle saw you crying and went to comfort you!. I’m one of 17 children (9boys 8 girls) we were very POOR. But some how my mother always managed to get a Birthday . I love how the dog knew she was crying and came to see about her. I have identical girls and i know exactly how u feel. What a blessing to be a mother but what a beautiful miracle to have twins!!. Congratulations. Awwww, seeing your two children having a beautiful relationship with you, makes me smile because I too have two sons who I share a wonderful bond with. I treasure my boys so much and appreciate that we have a great relationship. Watching this really ma… See more Amazing Biking Hawaiian Shirt

Amazing Biking Hawaiian Shirt

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