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You are absolutely amazing woman and I really admire you!!! You inspire women…many kisses and hugs from Greece. If you love someone tell them because hearts are often broken by words left unspoken. Steve A Martinez Romero. Thank you Jennifer you as a Latin female from the Bronx inspire so much! You not only beautiful but so talented!!! Thank you . Really talk Jennifer. I do say those words to my beautiful 4 girlfriend’s that are transparent. U are beautiful too.. Jennifer, you are one of the best talented artist,thank you for all your hard work, and thank you for representing the latin community.. Lisa Vega Flammia. I love the actress and her voice . I love you so much Jennifer Lopez you are a soirit of my life. Jennifer, I am so proud of you for all your accomplishments. Many women must envy you but many of admire you. Also,you are a great mom. From one Puerto Rican to another. You’ve done a great job. May God bless you. If The Flag Offend You Kiss My Texass Flag

If The Flag Offend You Kiss My Texass Flag

Thank you Jennifer for being who you are. You are gorgeous & and my daughter wants to meet you someday. I think she will someday, she is beautiful not because she’s my daughter . She is a go getter , loves people.. Jennifer Lopez is a really good actress she’s very pretty she’s a really good model she’s very young looking she’s very creative mature responsible outgoing motivated she’s not me she’s herself she likes herself she takes care of herself she’s very con… See more. Jennifer you inspire women and men. Darling! I wish I could have a chance to leave the message of gratitude right for you! Because your talent and energy really inspire people all over the world!. There are some things that are the best in life. Inspire one person to change one bad thing to a good change. It will make a difference in your life as well as the other person once they see the change. If The Flag Offend You Kiss My Texass Flag

If The Flag Offend You Kiss My Texass Flag

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