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You still look the same. Amazing.. You are a wonderful and amazing artist Jesus Christian Through The Window Poster May god bless you with lots of happiness I love watching your songs day and night Jlo , I adore . I love it. Laughter is good for the soul. You make a smile and laugh each and every day . I wish I sounded like that when I laugh…I sound more like a dying donkey choking on a seal screaming for help!. You are just adorable and funny and I love everything you do. My husband will come home and he’ll see me watching one of your movies and he’s like, ANOTHER JLo movie? I’m like, she’s just so beautiful!!! . I love her laugh so much! . Jlo ..you are beautiful. So talented in every way. Classy, and when u laugh , you are adorable. I have seen all your movies .of coarse your series. Let’s just say..I am a very big fan. I can’t wait to see your next movie or series. Take care. Bsafe

Jesus Christian Through The Window Poster

I have always loved your laugh. Your so perfect!!! I love you. The most beautiful laughter jlo you have. I adore it.. That we need to do more of just laugh. Fine something that make you laugh. The world would be a better place .. You are such an amazing beautiful lady I’m in awe of your beauty. Reminds me of the great Selena’s laugh.. You don’t age. It’s sorcery. Jesus Christian Through The Window Poster I’ve loved you since you were a Jenny from the block. You’re perfect!. your video songs has been the greatest reason to laugh.. laughter is contagious, the best medicine! . Jennifer you generally look better with age.Honestly I try not to look to much at your awesome gorgeous body but quite frankly you have the finest behind of any women of your age.They say dancers never look there built up physique…You by the way have… See more. That is one bad Puerto Rican lady right there

Jesus Christian Through The Window Poster

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