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Great idea that will be well received I am sure . Jlo you are a great woman and not just because you are rich & famous. I’m sorry to say.. but I always had a gut feeling that A.Rod is not the man for you. You are wasting your time and your emotions with this man. I hope I am wrong.. I love everything about you music and you you’re very good person and you’re very talented and God bless you and be safe wherever you go honey. I don,t really know if your read these,but still a moo pea bunn! Cause love grows where my JLO goes,and nobody know like me…….. Im a luckly fellow and I just got to tell her that I love her endlessly! If you met her you would never forget her…Th… See more. God bless you Jenniffer you are so talented soul be safety everywhere safe with highgine.. Ware mask when go outside… Trade.. Lion warrior i am the storm poster

Lion warrior i am the storm poster

She is amazing and stunning. Love love Jennifer lopez.. Seen her live 3x and the last concert I went to with my sister before she passed was JLo. We loved our concerts and it was something that we always shared since we were young . We had an amazing time and I’ll never forget it .. Beautiful just beautiful Documentary loved your music and acts since the early 90s and 2000s todate u made my childhood nd teenagehood and now am an adult listening still.. big up JLo… I love you so much JLO Lion warrior i am the storm poster And I love your music and movies, Congratulations. I love you JLO., I grew up enjoying your music.. But still love the movie maid in Manhattan, you where stunning there,love from SA. Jess Gonzales This was the first CD I received when I went into foster kid when I was 10 yrs old. I found so much comfort in it that’s when my love for Jennifer Lopez began

Lion warrior i am the storm poster

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