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Lewy Parker. It’s pampering time… really loving this woman, she knows how to take care of her body.. You are spectacular woman, very cute JL. I like your way of a diamond, when the strongest pressures and enormous temperatures turn a piece of coal into a diamond. Which quietly takes the place of the hardest material in the world, is beautiful and its shine is visible from afar and is appreci… See more. Hi Jenn are you shippen your product to st Lucia?. I love you more than you know JL avid fan from Zambia, be blessed all the time.. Jlo you are so beautiful . Thank you for acknowledging those of us who have lower budgets’ that price is clearly intentionally making them affordable!. Jennifer Lopez u r beautiful I love your style your music n the way u r god bless u dear always. Adding this to our self-care day routine. Mickey and Minnie to my wife personalized canvas

Mickey and Minnie to my wife personalized canvas

This sound gives me memories in hard days one of my very good primary school friends who passed r.i.p. It’s not that Jennifer Lopez “looks good for her age,” it’s that she somehow looks even better than she did when she was in her twenties and thirties, when she originally hit the scene and became part of the first wave of pop music’s Latin explosion. … See more. Why not re-clip your valuable beautiful songs again, Mickey and Minnie to my wife personalized canvas many will be happy with this idea. This one together with “if you had my love” was what made me fall in love with you for all these years! I even named my daughter after you xxx. I love her songs and she down to earth person her and A-Rod make a cute couple I can’t wait till they get married the sea how they both of you have a good one and thank you Pause GIF GIPHY

Mickey and Minnie to my wife personalized canvas

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