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You look stunning!!.. Love them shoes and your dress.. Mostly samosa wala weekend singer,sweet sweet hands, some times sleeping in garden and in village field tree shade, I may have bcom drunk bloke, I’m missing water jugs everywhere, mountain hills dullness.. So adorable Lopez your styles and your passion into the music world you’re relentless. Beautiful as per usual, Jennifer. But, it’s definitely not sandal season where I’m at.. I was your in Las Vegas. Shoes are not the first to catch my eyes in this picture, beautifull woman is. Music Love Pattern Amazing Violin Hawaiian Shirt Pause GIF. Those sandals are to die for !gorgeous want me some . Do you know I’m single. And I don’t wear women’s sandals LOL one thing I can say she looks great for 51. The only thing I can understand when she gets over energy from. Because you can look great on the outside. But that doesn’t change your age inside.… See more

Music Love Pattern Amazing Violin Hawaiian Shirt

One of our Boricua’s Beauty…all our boricúa princesses are beautiful but this one right here represents them all…Stay Safe and Beautiful…wish a lot of blessings to you, your beautiful babies and the rest of your love ones!!!. Sandal season…in March? I guess in the southern hemisphere.. When the photoshop makes your pinky toe thicker than your big toe… I know they wanted to make the shoe pop but it’s bad editing.. Forget the shoes, I’d love that dress, nah just kidding. JLo brand is very good, I bought a winter Jacket about fifteen years ago. I still have it. A reflection of her best version, u do it best Jen! . a little star was born as it grew, its brightness grew together today, this little star formed in a big star where we have the great honor of being able to participate in this brightness.. Certainly not looking at the sandles!!! Music Love Pattern Amazing Violin Hawaiian Shirt

Music Love Pattern Amazing Violin Hawaiian Shirt

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