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My favorite norwegian food mug

Your over the top! Only you can do it so well! Jlo Please stay with Alex Rodriguez! You are meant for each other! There will always be up and downs in life but at the end you really compliment each other. Don’t give up easy just because you can have an… See more. You are fabulous! Love you! My favorite norwegian food mug from Germany . You are awesome. I’ve been playing your hits on radio. Your awesome jlo! Another 6 years and I will be 50 too! Can’t wait . JLo is clapping back…. JLO has everything she wants in her life – not a single thing she has not accomplished- Her beauty – her carisma- her talent- her stamina and determination!. Ok lady- what has he got that you don’t? You deserve to be in a loving , healthy and monogamous relationship. He has been and will always be a cheater! You are an amazing and accomplished woman…and from this woman to you – love your rocking photos a… See more

My favorite norwegian food mug

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