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It’s like the word empower makes me more mad than power!! Empower started master in which still goes along with vocabulary!!. Well so far I have not once in my lifetime seen women supporting women, I have seen the opposite, women will destroy other women to get to the top. You are on your own, forget about other women supporting and empowering you.. Women, your all a lot of fun, let’s just live together and keep that way! OK?. I do not want my daughter or granddaughters to listen to this view from such liberal minded women who do not have any biblical beliefs!!!. Is not only black women celebrating, women of all colors.. So then why are we also allowing transgender men to compete against women? We are setting the movement back .. “Women’s history month” is b*******. Just block if you don’t like.. any music videos from you please My vocabulary at work what the fuck mug

My vocabulary at work what the fuck mug

fjkbuierbj BEAUTIFUL My vocabulary at work what the fuck mug . She great singer and movie star . Absolutely Beautiful. I have always had a crush on Jennifer. I watched all her movies. In the late 90s and early 2000s I would sit at home and watch her music videos. I still watch all of her videos. She has always been so beautiful. Thank you for all … See more. So much jealous women because she works hard for her figure and eats healthy and they don t . Hard work pays off!! I’m a big fan of this lady. She is not lazy and has her health & priorities straight!. Right now she is in my beautiful Dominican Republic working and enjoying herself. Way to gooooo chica. Omg people let her be. If I had that body I would be all over the place. Let her enjoy her hard work. You either appreciate it or you dont. If you do… See more

My vocabulary at work what the fuck mug

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