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That’s not for the people it’s for the Democrats so they can stay in power. H.R. 1: For The People Act 2021 is not good for the American people. Let’s hope and pray that this doesn’t pass.. Coming from someone who owns and lives in a mansion, I don’t think you have room to talk. THIS IS THE WORST BILL YET! Are you kidding me!!! I REFUSE TO SUPPORT HR1. Wow if you’re legally allowed to vote, with proof. Then you have always been able. Only suppressors have been yourselves. Let’s not waste senate time with things we have already.. Just make music!. Read the 295 committee report that is by partisan. It states how wrong this is and it’s from both parties. Before you comment read up on it. It falls under modernization of House and Senate. Very disturbing things in it.. This “for the people act” is our surest path to a one party system, democrat! It eliminates voter ID requirements and many other things that ensure that we have free and fair elections. It is the surest path toward a totalitarian society. Personalized Baby let’s go camping poster

Personalized Baby let’s go camping poster

Brenda MarieJ-lo…it’s time to exercise compassion. The more wealth you acquire, the less caring you are. Animals are the most oppressed and exploited beings on the planet. The least you can do is not wear them. 27 . Irene StaikopoulosDisappointed that we can’t place an order in Australia 6 . Mariane SantoThe only statement you make when you wear fur is, your vanity is greater than your empathy! We have no need to exploit, torture and kill these animals. 34 . Larissa LaraTrue beauty comes from compassion. That means NOT paying to torture innocent animals so you can drape yourself in their skin. Did you know their necks are broken, they are electrocuted analy or vaginally just so that the fur that belongs to them is not… See more42 . We Ready LashesWe ship anywhere in the USA5 . Bridge Dells”Despite most major fashion houses stopping using pelts, this singer refuses to give them up. There is something terribly, terribly odd about her. For all her wealth and success, she is still wearing fur. A habitual fur wearer, she seems more concerned… See more25  Personalized Baby let’s go camping poster

Personalized Baby let’s go camping poster

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