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We need more Dads like him!. But what about the girls who weren’t born with male testosterone and male strength, how fair is it for the female born girls to have to compete against a male born girl ??? Women have had to fight to get here and now they’ll have to fight some more .… See more. That’s disgusting! You were born the gender you were meant to be!. This is what unconditional love of a parent looks like . That’s the way a true Man / Dad should be with his children’s…… Our generations wants to be guided by their feelings instead of facts and biological standards. I heard about an elders that wants to be in kindergarten with children, because he feels “trans-aged” let’s see where all this none-sense is going to take … See more. It doesn’t change the fact that a male that becomes a female will have advantages over a born female, but sometimes common sense it’s not so common nowadays, just the feeling or wanting something you can’t really have… why not make a transgender cate… See more Puerto Rico Taino Symbols Bedding Set

Puerto Rico Taino Symbols Bedding Set

Wowwww. Sweet 16 OMG. What, not “Single Ladies?”. You are most beautiful, intelligent, professional, rich, talented, great mom, wonderful , women on face of earth. Stay single. Your better off. Promise .. You don’t need to expose skin for people to see how gorgeous you are!. You’re a talented actress with a lot of clout. You don’t need to expose so much of your body. I often wonder what your kids think of their mom posing almost nude. Just wondering. Whoever is in charge of your FB page is not doing you any favors. Even if you called it quits with your fiancée, are working out your finances, and splitting your mutual investments, you don’t have to show these sexy videos and photos. You are an outst… See more. Don’t put a revolving door on your life. You two tried to work it out. If you can walk away saying you did all you can do then it’s time to go. Life is too short for the perpetual rollercoaster of drama. Puerto Rico Taino Symbols Bedding Set

Puerto Rico Taino Symbols Bedding Set

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