Snoopy door tumbler


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It is known that this photo was taken in 2012, but recently released on the Internet and reached a rapid speed spread. The object is shaped like an oval disk. But due to the height limit, it couldn’t be a helicopter, nor was it a drone dropped by someone. So what is that UFO, we still don’t have the answer – at least for the time being. According to the Mirror, the area is included in the frame called “Area 51” (or Region 51), located at the border between India and China. Snoopy door tumbler. This area is very famous for UFO rumors. Since 1968, at least 7 times people have seen UFOs here that cannot be explained. The closest is a “glowing” object, producing a “thunderous” sound. Other reports claim that a “giant metal disk object was found in the mouth of a volcano, five miles northeast of Pokhara. A part of the same object was found nearby

Snoopy door tumbler - detail

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