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In addition, in the cultural documents of Russia, Bizantine, Armenia, it is clear that the Khazalle kingdom used to be a mighty, rich kingdom, fortified fortress and great architectural works. This country, the climate is temperate and cool. Spaceballs the face mask. Khazalle’s military force is relatively powerful, they have a very powerful army that once invaded the territory of the Armenians. The Georgians said that Joseph, because he could not marry the Princess of the great principality of Georgia, used military force to destroy Tbilisi Castle. The Arab chronicle says that the peoples from the Donau River to the north of the Ural must pay tribute to the Khazalle kingdom. The Arabs must also recognize the Khazalle kingdom as the place of the main trade route between Bizantine Kingdom and China. The Russians once fought with the Khazalle. In 965, the two sides had a fierce war, the Russians finally captured the Khazalle capital Iquille. Then from the valley of the Volga River, the Russians followed Lake Caspian and hit the Siedlce citadel of Khazalle kingdom.

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