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Congrats. Beautiful pictures. Loving memories for you both. I have a 14 yr granddaughter who I love so much. We had pictures taken at Christmas just like these. Cherish every minute you have with them. They will be gone before you know it. . Happy Birthday Coconuts! My grandson just turned 13!. A total “13 year old” pic! Classic! Beautiful children but of course . It’s crazy how fast they grow up. It’s amazing how much they look like both you & Marc, I love this! I also have twins and they are such a blessing! . Happy birthday beautiful day from Romania!. Today, you will be 13 years old EMME & MAX, soon you will be turning 18 and then 20! And, thinking about it, the only things I have to tell you are: be happy and enjoy every second of your life, because each phase is unique and in each season you will… See more Stickfigures Playing Golf Face Mask

Stickfigures Playing Golf Face Mask

What’s it for ? And how would I get if im interested x. Is this a cosmetics commercial?. William brother no body gives money away with out strings attached…don’t give any personal information to anyone…. Don’t get burned. You had me at..I want to eat it…and whipped cream…. To free our leader Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, President U Win Myint and other detainees as soon as possible.. What is it? And what you used for?. how to buy in hk?. What happened to your hair?. I like to try that but i dont have a money to purchase!. I say! We should look further in the thought?. I bought mine and it didn’t look like a whip cream as you said. i just tried the products and i think i have a reaction/allergic to it . Just received my shipment last night and I love it! God bless you JLO! Stickfigures Playing Golf Face Mask

Stickfigures Playing Golf Face Mask

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