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I believe every day we should celebrate the woman in the world for endurance and being there for us all. Without them we would struggle. Too bad they didn’t use women I respect. (No I didn’t watch it all). Doctors, teachers, firefighters…. How about regular everyday women, who aren’t rich & famous???. I DO have limits. I’ve always wanted to be a ballerina, but that is impossible.. Johann Restrepo Cruz. Shamelessly contacting celebrities that I have followed that have connections to Puerto Rico. Trying to plan a last minute trip next week for my son’s future mother in-law who has been told to prepare for end of life after a long battle with cancer. Sh… See more. So they are all 100% real women, not trans, or theybies, or whatever now a days? It’s hard to keep on top of all these different sexes?. And there lies the problem world there is always Limits…For if one was limitless they would live forever….For only one is LIMITLESS IS GOD Stickfigures Playing Soccer Hawaiian Shirt

Stickfigures Playing Soccer Hawaiian Shirt

A super Alfalfa hair style lol. Who remembers that show? Lol. Correct me if I’m wrong, but, does anyone remember Dr. Zeus Grinch Movie, and the village of WHOVILLE, WHERE EVERYONE WORE THEIR HAIR LIKE THIS..THOUGHT IT WAS CUTE THEN, BUT JLO MAKES IT EVEN CUTER..BEAUTIFUL WOMAN . You choose to be forever Young . Normal people : I’m tired. Good morning! My favorite actress, solo beautiful as ever.. We love your music so much even we sing it here in heaven especially when John the Baptist is not around. Happy Woman’s day to everyone. Very cute, you know with your hair sticking up like that, it reminds me of Alfalfa of the our gang comedy.. I was just like in the lady bun but this tops it by sure wish I could find the picture of doing that with my best friend when we were little. Fresh lookin and young forever! what happened to the competition yesterday I been waiting for my potion. Stickfigures Playing Soccer Hawaiian Shirt

Stickfigures Playing Soccer Hawaiian Shirt

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