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I can not wait! So proud to be an American! And even prouder to have Biden as my president!. What a great picture with those super heroes…Jlo…you are the best…. Dress all in black because tomorrow is the funeral of the United states.. Oh how awesome. Thank you JLO for representing us all American in the inauguration. It couldn’t be any better than you singing in the inauguration of our next President Joe Biden. U go girl.. Keep to the singing. Politics don’t suit you. I am one of your biggest fans . You are such a humble soul. Thank you Jennifer for singing for our future president Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.. Your Amazing very nice of you to take a pic with our hero’s. Jlo i don’t want you near that craziness i fear for your life plz don’t go. As a retired serviceman, those folks will remember your visit forever. Always special. Thin green line american flag military poster

Thin green line american flag military poster

Good morning Miss Lopez I am actually watching one of your movies right now I just wanted to ask you how do you stay so similar to all of what you going to do. Nice video you are stunning!but terrible song this time jlo. I always loved all your songs JLO. This song I really love. The words in the song are so True these days. Someday I would love to meet you. Until we meet take care and keep on making beautiful music. One Puerto Rican to the other. WEPA, Boricua . You my dear Madame would be a wonderful queen fairy in whatever movie you make preferably one with a dark side and one with the bright side which ever one you play do you still have myheart tumbling along your rip chage fludderingWith palpitations of l… See more. Love it . Wow. I was also getting some ” The Cell” vibes. Thin green line american flag military poster

Thin green line american flag military poster

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