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Gorgeous! Fire lady! I like your style Jlo and have many of your clothes. My daughter loves it!. Love that. Awesome all time! . Absolutely gorgeous!!! You sure you are 51 years old? Love everything about you. The shoes are gorgeous . I love the entrepreneurial endeavors. Jlo Beauty is excellent I bet these shoes will be of great quality too.. You and Heidi Klum are the most beautiful girls ever.Im so jealous even though my boyfriend calls me JLo.There just my initials wish I looked like you.. She looks great as usual but they made a mistake with leaving that baby hair out messy on her face not the best look with a dress like that on.. Omg. You get old when you stop cycling poster JLO is Queen! I know a lot of people say that JLO wouldn’t have made it without the Selena movie.. When I read the story of your life, your heroism melted my heart.

You get old when you stop cycling poster

At 51 and Jennifer Lopez looks a teen?. Jenny when will you bring back your perfume “GLOWING”. Dear J Lo, you’re looking great! My Spanish Undergrad in Spanish (Liberal Arts) has not worked out thus far… you’ve been a huge inspiration to me. I’m gonna keep chuggin’ along. Have a great week!. All of her shoes are very pretty, but for us ladies with bigger and wider feet, can you guys (DSW) please re-stock more of the size 10 and 11.. There’s nothing you can’t do! Love the shoes! You get old when you stop cycling poster Pause GIF. POWER of LOVE Beauty inside and out holy glow you that girl everybody Loves you me too thankyou for Representing us Latinas how we Fight with elegance and Beauty for the Power of LOVE we LOVE JESUS GOD Heart Beauty. Age does not purseive you..as u look as radiant as the day I first laid eyes on you..in living color…I never forgot my god..

You get old when you stop cycling poster

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